Wednesday, June 12, 2013

The Weight Loss/Fitness Journey Continues

So my quest continues. Since May 3, 2013, I have lost 17.8 lbs and 1.5" off my waist. I have set 2 goals - an intermediate goal and a final goal. For my intermediate goal I want to lose 37 lbs and my final goal is to lose 57lbs. Once the weight is gone I can switch to JumpStart's maintenance program where other foods I like (popcorn) get added back in.

The eating part of the diet has become easier and does not really require much thought. When I started the process I felt like I was obsessing about what I was eating and when. Now, I just eat. I know the portion sizes and what is appropriate to eat for weight loss. I mainly eat lean meats, veggies, fruits, low fat cheeses and pistachios. Being a carnivore, I can live with that diet.

I like wine! Giving up having an occasional glass of wine was really not an option. My preferred beverage, Red wine has 7 grams of carbs. However, my new summer beverage, Prosecco and Champagne only has 1.8 grams of carbs. So now, I have a glass of sparkling wine instead. Feels like a celebration in every glass!

I even figured out a way to make no/low carb hot chocolate. I used almond milk, unsweetened cocoa powder and stevia. It was pretty good. I am also supposed to have 8 oz of low fat milk a day so I could use milk in place of the almond milk.

Other challenges have been eating with friends and family. However, I have found that everyone is very supportive and that I can eat with everyone else even if I have to make slight modifications to my meal. Over the weekend, everyone in our group had fried fish and french fries. YUM! So I just sauteed my fish in a pan using Pam and had a salad. It was good and filling.

The fitness piece is coming along too. I have some work out buddies and the gym is close. I still don't enjoy working out. I don't get that "rush" from running. I usually walk on the treadmill. I will also take a spin class and the occasional Daily Method class. I am also considering yoga but I really don't have the attention span for a 75 to 90 minute class. I do about 60 minutes max.

I consider fitness to be a personal challenge. I have met others who are a bit competitive about it. They spend their time looking at people's screens on the spin bikes or treadmills to compare calories lost or distance gone. I really don't get that concept. I'm not training for a marathon. I'm just trying to get healthier. I really do not care that they burned more calories or road a quarter mile more. I'm just happy that I got to the gym and did something to build endurance and muscle.

The good thing is I need to look for some new clothes. The down side is that some of my favorite clothes are a little big. Not a bad problem to have and definitely a 1st World problem. I may just take some of my favorites to a tailor and have them taken it.

So that's my update for now! Thank you to all my husband, friends and family that are supporting me on my quest! Your support and encouragement is greatly appreciated! Especially when I'm cranky!