Friday, May 10, 2013

My new mission

Week 1

Pounds loss this week (5.8lbs)

For many years I have watched my weight go up and up. I have finally decided I have had enough and I need help with my weight loss. So on May 3, I went to JumpStart MD in Los Gatos and began my process. I thought I would blog about the transition and see what happens.

I have tried to diet on my own, used Weight Watchers, personal trainers and other programs. None of those created any lasting effects. I did really tone up with trainer but I did not want to change my eating habits. So it was great till I stopped those work outs. Weight Watchers stressed me out. Plus I really don't like to count all those points. I obsessed about my points every day.

So, this new program is supposed to help me learn to eat differently and incorporate exercise to make a lasting change. This first week was ok. I cannot have things like potatoes, pasta, rice, popcorn initially. Eventually moderate amounts of those things get added back. I have weekly one on one appointments with a nurse/clinician, medication, vitamins and MIC shots. The meds seem to be helping with cravings. One of my co-workers brought in a bunch of chocolate. It's day 2 with that here in the office and I still have no desire to rip into the bags. Keep your fingers crossed.

Stay tuned for my adventure. Have a great weekend!

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