Thursday, May 30, 2013

Some Curly-Haired Girl's Thoughts on Facebook

I like Facebook. I find it entertaining and useful. I use it to keep in touch with friends and family, communicate with my law fraternity members and publicize my favorite charity event, Bark For Life San Francisco.

I find the anti-facebook people amusing. I have friends and acquaintances who do not us it. However, instead of just say, "It's not my thing", many people like to take this big political stand about how Facebook invades their privacy, is a huge waste of everyone's time, creates too much drama, etc. Facebook is a tool that YOU control. Don't want it to "invade your privacy" don't put private information on there. As for wasting time, almost anything could do that. Many of these same people who will pontificate for hours about the time-wasting effect of Facebook spend a lot of time playing Candy Crush. As for drama, Facebook does not create drama, people create drama.

As with anything in a free country, using Facebook is a choice. If you don't want to use it don't but making it a political stand is a bit ridiculous.

My favorite (eye roll) are the people that post about how awful work is, how they have a cold or post passive aggressive comments about other friends/family. I like to keep my posts mainly positive or use them to promote ideas and events I believe in. I NEVER post about work or co-workers and if I have something to say to someone I would rather say it to them as opposed to posting it on Facebook.

First, negative posts about work is dangerous, especially when you are complaining about co-workers or your boss. People get fired for that type of thing. It's better to use common sense and keep the negative work comments to your self or shared with friends during happy hours.

Facebook can be a useful tool to promote your business or practice. Positive comments about your office go along way but negative comments can make a person look unprofessional.

Second, just because someone does not post about how busy there are at work or how challenging their life is at the moment does not mean that everything is all rosy. It just means that they value their privacy or perhaps do not need the attention and sympathy that posting such a comment on Facebook elicits. Everyone is busy and everyone has issues they have to deal with. I find that the people who complain the least are usually the busiest. Complaining about being busy wastes time that could be used to accomplish the task at hand.

Finally, there are the people who post about having a cold or migraine. I have suffered with migraines for many years and the last thing I can do when I have a migraine is look at the computer or deal with the sound the keyboard makes when typing about my migraine.

Don't get me wrong, I definitely understand the people who post about having a serious/terminal illness or who are undergoing surgery. Sometimes it is the most effective way for them to communicate about their status without having to tell it over and over. Plus, those individuals truly do need support and encouragement to help them battle to overcome this serious ailment.

These thoughts have been rattling around in my head for a while now and I wanted to get them out on "paper". Feel free to agree or disagree. I always love a good conversation.

Have a great day and be nice to others!

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